• The role of alcohol consumption in criminal behavior. The role of Alcohol consumption in criminal behavior among the youth A case study of Kakamega

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(Otieno James Francis Olwenyo accomplished his high school , graduated at catholic university with a B/ed and a masters degree in Criminology and social order at UON. He is a former investigator with the Kenya police (CID), forensic financial investigator at KACC, security manager RVR and currently a security strategic manager and lecturer at MMUST.)


This study was conducted to establish and document the role of alcohol consumption in criminal behavior among the youth, by taking a case study of Kakamega municipality. The Kenyan youth in this study being described as one aged between 15- 35 years in line with the Kenya national youth policy, the study aimed at bringing to light how the behavior of these youths is affected by consumption of alcohol, leading them to committing crimes. The study acknowledged the significant place of the youths in the society based on the fact that they constitute the majority of the population and are considered to have the potential to be the most productive category of the population. Due to their continually increasing consumption of alcohol, and in response to the rising rate of crimes committed by them, the study’s findings were intended to answer three main questions: What is the perceived link between alcohol use and criminal behavior? How does alcohol use influence decisions leading to criminal acts? And what interventions might be done to increase the knowledge of the link between alcohol use and criminal behavior among the youths?

MATERIA: criminology