• The Food Law and Standardization System of Kenya. The Food Legislative System of Kenya

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Michael N.I. Lokuruka, Ph.D. Food Science, Cornell University, is currently a Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Food Science and Food Industry Management at Egerton University, Kenya.)


This book sets out the historical context of the current food legislation in Kenya showing the historical connection of Kenyan food law with the British food law system on which it is largely based for format. It illustrates the mechanisms through which Kenya formulates, develops and enforces its food laws and discusses the various processes through which food legislation is achieved. It examines enactment, enforcement, the role of the Kenya Bureau of Standards, and other regulatory agencies, as well as the various influences on food legislation in Kenya. The book also briefly deals with international food legislation while examining any influences these food laws may have had on the current Kenya food law system and may have in the future. The broad requirements of food import/export control systems as modelled on the work of the Codex Food Import/Export Inspection and Certification Committee are also covered adequately. It is written for final year students of Food Science and Technology, Food Marketing, Food Law and practitioners in the food industry as well as post- graduate students of Food Science and Food Law.

MATERIAS: food law, food control, food standards, food safety & quality, Kenya