• Rehabilitation of Prisoners in the Kenyan Penal System. Examining the Effectiveness of the Kenyan Prisons

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(I studied Anthropology both at undergraduate and postgraduate at Moi University, Kenya. My research interest is in the area of Anthropology, Criminology and Penology. In particular, my interest is on issues relating to culture, deviance and rehabilitation. I am a lecturer at Moi University, Kenya.)


Penal institutions are guided by the deterrence, reformatory, retributive and utility principles. Despite of these principles, the Kenyan prison population as well as the rate of recidivism continues to rise. This puts into question the effectiveness of the Kenyan criminal justice system in rehabilitating offenders. This book, therefore, examines the extent to which prisons in Kenya are rehabilitating prisoners and if they are not doing that, why are they not? The Book has nine chapters: The introduction; literature review; research methodology; the socio-demographic characteristics of prisoners; physical infrastructure in Kenyan penal institutions and their impact on the rehabilitation of prisoners; treatment of prisoners in prison; rehabilitation of prisoners in prison; training, working and living conditions of prison officers; and summary, conclusion and recommendations. The book is intended for the Kenya Prisons Service, academicians, consultants, criminologists, penologist, the Kenyan government, Department of Probation Service, the Kenyan prisons departments’ stakeholders and anybody interested in prison reforms and rehabilitation.

MATERIAS: Kenya, Rehabilitation, Deterrence, Effectiveness, Recidivism, Penal Institutions, Reformatory, Retributive and Utility Principles, Kenya Prisons Service Mission.