• Post-Conflict Peace-Building of United Nations in Kenya. The involvement of the united nations in bringing peace back to Kenya after the 2007/2008 cri

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(Ige Olawale B. was born in the early 1980s to the family of Mr and Mrs David Akinlolu Ige. He currently holds a masters Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, with specialization in International Conflict from University of Ibadan, Nigeria.He is an associate member of Society for Peace Studies and Practice.He is married to Ajayi Ayorinde)


The ending of an overt violence via a peace agreement or military victory does not mean the achievement of peace. Rather, the ending of such violence or a so called post-conflict situation usually provide a new set of opportunities that can be grasped or thrown away. The international community plays a significant role in either nurturing or achieving a fragile peace-building process or the individual states and international non-government organisations (INGOS), become increasingly involved in trying to rebuild peaceful societies in the aftermath of violent conflict. Kenya post-election crisis was a syndrome characterised with displacement, injuries, and looting, which makes it imminent for a proper and viable restitution procedure to return the citizens back to their earlier living and interactive status.

MATERIAS: United Nations, Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution