• Kenya police preparedness during disasters incidents. Police preparedness during disaster incidents

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(Mark K. Leting was born in Nandi County - Kenya, PhD Candidate in Sociology, M-phil.- Sociology, Post Graduate Diploma Human Resource Management & BA- Sociology. Currently, He is lecturer of Criminology & Social work; Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology. Previously, Principal African International College (AICO). Married to Josephine.)


Factors explaining police preparedness during disaster incidents have not been adequately addressed. The study attempts to elaborate the Kenya Police preparedness during disaster incidents a case study of Kakamega Division with an intention of understanding the issues surrounding the performance and effectiveness of the police. The study established that inferior, old equipment, inadequate communication tools, inadequate technological, lack of appreciation, slow administrative process, lack of relevant training, under staffing and political interference are the major challenges that the police face while involved in disaster response activities. Given these findings, there is need for the Police Force to procure basic but diverse safety equipment, have as minimal as possible administrative hindrance to rescue services, have substantial resource allocation for disaster management activities and institute disaster management department within the police force. The government also needs to recruit more police officers to meet the UN standards and improve public police relations to ensure free flow of quality information.