• Effects of Climate Change on the right to adequate food in Kenya. The Right to Food and Climate Change in Kenya

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Francis MB Khayundi LLM;Obtained his LLB from theUniversity of Fort Hare and his Master of Laws(LLM) with Distinction from Rhodes University. He has served at different times as a Tutor, Research Assistant and also as a Part Time Lecturer at the Faculty of Law Rhodes University.His research interests are in Human Rights Law and Climate Change.)


This book examines the interplay between the effects of climate change and human rights. It seeks to interrogate the contribution of human rights in addressing the effects of climate change on the enjoyment of the right to food in Kenya. Climate change has been recognised as a human rights issue. Despite this acknowledgement, many states are yet to deal with climate change as a growing threat to the realisation of human rights. The situation is made worse by the glacial pace in securing a binding legal agreement to tackle climate change. The thesis also reveals that despite their seemingly disparate and disconnected nature, both the human rights and climate change regimes seek to achieve the same goal albeit in different ways.

MATERIAS: climate change, Human rights, right to adequate food