• Building a Non-Violent Social Justice movement. Through Innovation in Community Justice Systems: The Turkana Village Courts Experience in Northwest Ke

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(John Lopeyok is a doctoral student of Public Health at University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA where he is also research assistant at the Institute for Global Health. He served as director of Justice and Peace Commission in Turkana County, Northwest Kenya. Has passion to transform pastoral communities through education, social justice and health.)


Building Non-Violent Social Justice Movement through innovation in Community Justice is both a process and a product of attaining political consciousness among marginalized groups. It is based on social justice framework of law, human rights and customary practices to fill in wide gap of justice infrastructures in Turkana County, Northwest of Kenya. Over five years working as director of Justice and Peace Commission, this project is due to the realization that it is possible to create social change through innovation in facilitating civic engagement processes that enhance harmony between traditional institutions and formal institutions that are consistent with modern transitional governments. Non-violent social justice movement captures unique experiences of a determined, passionate Turkana scholar to solve multiple problems of virulent poverty, gross human rights violations, weak government structures, and cross border conflicts that his community struggles with amidst outright marginalization, neglect, and discrimination from their own government. The strategy is to create social justice movement through linking traditional courts and formal justice structures.

MATERIAS: Inequality, injustice, non-violence, social justice movement